About us

Laorafting is a community that, with over 20 years of experience and professionalism, it promotes the discovery of a fascinating riverbed made up of towering gorges, through Rafting on the Lao River, in Calabria: as a matter of fact, given its particular features, it is defined as one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe. 

Operating in the Pollino National Park, Laorafting has become a leading company in the outdoor world promoting many other activities, including trekking on the Pollino and trips to town centers (Morano Calabro and Arbereshe cultural centers) with official guides from the National Park, excursions on the Pollino, activities like mountain bike, rafting and canyoning among the gorgeous waterfalls of the Iannello stream, horseback riding, River Walking, Orienteering, Canoe and kayak. 

Rafting and tourism in the largest natural park in Italy. 


The centre opens at 8 am 

Sports activities close at 7 pm 

Booking hours: 9am – 7pm 


Lao Rafting is a tourism company, quality and professionalism are its strong point, it specializes in particular in river sports such as Rafting and Canyoning, binding over time to high professional profiles. 

Since the summer of 2000, Lao Rafting was created from the passion and by a deep love for the environment, its protection and unique activities. The guideline has always been the stubborn search to offer the highest quality and professionalism, impacting with the different realities operating in the area, so that it beacomes a reference point and a role 

model. Our goal is not only to be the best in the industry, but to be the best for our customers and for those who have been supporting us through years.